Hobby Classes


Welcome to Creative Arts website

If you ever wished or dreamed of pursuing a certain art or hobby but did not give it some serious thought, now is the time to take the step towards fulfilling your wishes and dreams.Creative Arts is a place where you will learn and share the art of colorful expression and making beautiful home decoration. Creativity has no limits. Here you will learn exciting new techniques and mediums to create various forms of art and decorations. We will help you convert your dreams into reality.

Everyone is welcome at Creative Arts, here, we encourage you to improve your skills in creative expression and develop your own individual style.

Creative Arts offers many art and craft courses. We supply materials as part of the course (except in some instances where you will be required to buy your own material and tools). The courses are conducted on individual bases so that we  provide each student with the best possible experience and personal attention.The one thing that I can vouch for my class is our students are completely satisfied with their work and the feeling of happiness on their face is the plus point for my class.Please browse through our website and check out all the exciting courses Creative Arts has to offer. We are sure you'll like what you see and be motivated to learn how to create them.

We also take orders as per your requirement of the products for corporate level,wedding packing , baby shower, kids parties,vacation activities,stress buster programmes.